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The Holy Qur-an is the Ultimate Book of Wisdom sent for the guidance of mankind.

Allah (God) revealed His last Book of Guidance in small portions, to His last Rasul (Messenger), Muhammad S over a duration of almost 23 years.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S arranged all Ayat (Verses) of all Suwar (Chapters) in his lifetime according to the Divine Guidance.

Niether the Suwar (Chapters) of the Holy Qur-an nor its entire text is arranged topic-wise.

Here, Alhamdulillah, we have made a humble effort to enlist various topics of the Holy Qur-an in alphabetical order for convenience of search and understanding the Book of Guidance.

It is a very comprehensive effort and may take some time. We will InshaAllah be continuously adding new topics to this exhaustive list and link them to the Arabic text of those Ayat (Verses) as well as meanings of their English Translations.
Later it will be extended to other languages also InshaAllah.


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