In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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18. Surah Al Kahf (The Cave)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


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1. All praise unto Allah who hath sent down unto His bondman the Book, and hath not placed therein any crookedness.
2. Straightforward, that it may warn of a severe violence from before Him, and bring glad tidings to the believers who work righteous works that theirs shall be a goodly hire.
3. They will abide therein for ever.
4. And that it may warn those who say: God hath taken a son.
5. No knowledge thereof have they, nor had their fathers. Odious is the word that cometh out of their mouths; they say not but a lie.
6. Haply thou art going to kill thyself over their footsteps, if they believe not in this discourse, out of sorrow.
7. Verily We have made whatsoever is on the earth as an adornment thereof, that We may prove them - which of them is best in work.
8. And verily We are going to make whatsoever is thereon a soil bare.
9. Deemest thou that the people of the cave and the inscription were of Our signs a wonder?
10. Recall what time the youths betook themselves to the cave, then said: our Lord! vouchsafe unto us mercy from before Thee, and prepare for us in our affair a right course.
11. Wherefore We put a covering over their ears in the cave for a number of years.
12. Thereafter We raised them up that We might know which of the two parties was best at reckoning the time that they had tarried.
13. We recount unto thee their tidings With truth. Verily they were certain youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.
14. And We braced their hearts when they stood forth and said: our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth; never we shall call upon a god beside him; for then we shall be saying an abomination.
15. These, our people, have taken for themselves gods beside Him - wherefore bring they not for them an authority manifest? --and who doth greater wrong than he who fabricateth against God a lie?
16. And now when ye have withdrawn from them and that which they worship, except God, betake yourselves to the cave; your Lord will unfold for you some of His mercy, and will prepare for you of your affair an easy arrangement.

And thou Woudst behold the sun when it riseth veering away from their cave on the right, and when it setteth, passing them by on the left, while they were in the spacious part thereof: that is of the signs of Allah. Whomsoever Allah guideth, he indeed is the guided; and whomsoever He sendeth astray, for him thou wilt never find a directing friend.

18. And thou wouldst have deemed them awakes whereas they were asleep and We turned them over on the right side and on the left side, while their dog stretched forth his two forelegs on the threshold. If thou hadst observed them, thou wouldst have surely turned away from them in fright, and wouldst have surely been filled with awe of them.

And likewise we raised them up that they might question among themselves; there spake a speaker from amongst them: how long have ye tarried? They said we have tarried a day or part of a day. They said, your Lord knoweth best how long ye have tarried; now send one of you with this your money unto the city and let him see which food is purest there, and let him bring you a provision thereof, and let him be circumspect, and let him by no means discover you to anycne.

20. Verily they, if they come to know of you, would stone you or make you revert to their faith, and lo! then ye will never fare well.
21. And likewise We caused their affair to be lit upon that they might know that the promise of Allah is true, and that the Hour-there is no doubt thereof, Recall what time they were disputing among themselves regarding their affair, and then they said: build over them a building--their Lord is the Best Knower about them-then those who prevailed in their affair said: surely we will raise over them a place of worship.
22. Anon they will say: they were three the fourth of them their dog. And they will say: they were five, the sixth of them their dog--guessing at the unknown --and they willl say: they were seven, the eighth of them their dog. Say thou: my Lord is the Best Knower of their number; there knew them only a few; so debate thou not regarding them except an cut ward debating, and ask not regarding them anyone of them.
23. And never say thou of a thing: verily I am going to do that on the morrow.
24. Except with this reservation that Allah so will. And remember thy Lord when thou forgettest; and say thou belike my Lord will guide me to something nearer than this to right direction.
25. And they tarried in their cave three hundred years and added nine.
26. Say thou: Allah knoweth best how long they tarried; His alone is the hidden knowledge of the heavens and the earth. How well He seeth and heareth. They have no patron beside Him, nor in His rule He associateth anyone.
27. And rehearse thou that which hath been revealed unto thee of the Book of thy Lord; and none may alter His Words, and never wilt thou find beside Him a covert.
28. And endure thy self in the company of those who call upon their Lord in the morning and evening seeking His and let not thine eyes countenance rove from them seeking the adornment of the life of this world, and obey thou not him whose heart We have made to neglect Our remembrance, and who followeth his lust, and whose affair is exceeding the bound.
29. And say thou: the truth is from your Lord; let him therefore who will, believe, and let him who will, disbelieve. Verily We have gotten ready for the wrong-doers a Fire the awnings whereof shall encompass them; and if they cry for relief they shall be relieved with water like the dregs of oil scalding their faces. 111 the drink, and vile the resting-place!
30. Verily those who believe and work the righteous works--verily We waste not the hire of one who doth well in regard to his work.

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