In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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19. Surah Maryam (Marry)

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31. And He hath made me blest wheresoever I may be, and enjoined on me the prayer and the poor-rate as long as I am alive.
32. And dutecus Unto my mother, and hath not made me high-handed, unblest.
33. And peace be on me the day was born and the day die and the day I shall be raised up alive.
34. Such is 'lsa, son of Maryam: this Is the word of truth wherein they are doubting.
35. Allah is not one to take to Himself a son. Hallowed be He! whensoever He decreeth an affair he only Saith to it: be, and it becometh.
36. And verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord; so worship Him; this is a way straight.
37. Then the sects have differed among themselves; so woe to those who disbelieve in the witness of a Day Mighty!
38. How wondrous in their hearing and their sight will they be the Day they come unto Us! But to-day the wrong doers are in error manifest.
39. And warn thou them of thy Day of Sighing when the affair shall have been decreed while yet they are in negligence and are not believing.
40. Verily We! We shall inherit the earth and whatsoever is thereon: and Unto Us they shall be returned.
41. And mention thou in the Book Ibrahim; verily he was a man of truth, a prophet.
42. Recall what time he said unto his father: , O my father! wherefore worshippest thou that which heareth not and seeth not, nor availeth thee at all?
43. O My father! verily there hath come to me of the knowledge which hath not come unto thee; so follow me, and I shall guide thee to a path even.
44. O My father! worship not the satan; hath been Unto the Compassionate a rebel.
45. O My father! verily I fear that there may touch thee a torment from the Compassionate so that thou become to the Satan a companin.
46. He said: art thou averse to my gods, O Ibrahim? If thou desistest not, surely I shall stone thee; and depart from me for ever so long.
47. Ibrahim said: peace be on thee! anon shall ask forgiveness of my Lord for thee; verily He is unto me ever so soicitous.
48. And I renounce you and that unto which ye call beside Allah; and I shall call unto my Lord; belike in calling unto my Lord I shall not be unblest.
49. Then when he had renounced them and that which they worshipped beside Allah, We best owed on him Ishaq and Yaqub and each one We made a prophet!
50. And We bestowed on them of Our mercy, and We made for them a renown lofty.
51. And mention thou in the Book Musa: verily he was single-hearted, and was an apostle, prophet.
52. And We cried unto him from the right side of the mount, and We drew him nigh for whispering.
53. And We bestowed on him, out of Our mercy, his brother Harun, a prophet.
54. And mention thou in the Book lsma'i; verily he was true in promise, and was apostle, prophet.
55. And he was wont to command his household to the Prayer and the poor-rate, and he was with his Lord an approved one.
56. And mention thou in the book ldris, verily he was a man of truth, a prophet.
57. And We exalted him to a position lofty.
58. These are they whom Allah hath favoured, from among the prophets, of the progeny of Adam and of them whom We bare with Nuh, and of the progeny of Ibrahim and Isra'il, and of those whom We have guided and chosen; whenever the revelations of the Compassionate were rehearsed unto them, they fell down prostrating themselves and weeping.
59. Then there succeeded to them a posterity who neglected the prayers and followed lusts; so presently they shall meet with perdition.
60. Excepting those who may repent and believe and work righteously; these shall enter the Garden and shall not be wronged at all

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