In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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Translation of the Holy Qur-an in English

23. Surah Al Mu"minun (The Believers)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.


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1. Blissful are the believers'-
2. Those who in their prayer are lowly.
3. And those who from everything vain turn away.
4. And those who for the sake of purification are doers.
5. And those who of their private Parts are guards.
6. Save in regard to their spouses and those whom their right hands own: so they are not blameworthy-
7. And Whosoever seeketh beyond that, then it is these who are the transgressors
8. And those who of their trusts and covenant are keepers.
9. And those who of their prayers are observant.
10. These! they are the inheritors.
11. Who shall inherit Paradise; therein they shall be abiders.
12. And assuredly We created man of an extract of clay.
13. Thereafter We made him of a Sperm In a receptacle safe.
14. -Thereafter We created the sperm a clot; then We created the clot a lump of flesh; then We created the lump of flesh bones; then We clothed the bones with flesh: thereafter We brought him forth as anot her creature. Blest then be Allah, the Best of creators!
15. Then verily, thereafter, ye are sure to die.
16. Then verily on the Day of Judgment ye shall be raised up.
17. And assuredly We created above you seven paths, and of the creation We have not been neglectful.
18. And We sent down from the heaven water in measure, and We caused it to settle in the earth; and verily to take it away We are Able.
19. Then We brought forth for you therewith gardens of date-palm and vines; for you therein are fruits many, and thereof ye eat.
20. And also a tree that springeth forth from mount Sinai, that groweth oil and is a sauce for the eaters.
21. And verily in the cattle for you is a lesson. We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies, and for you in them are advantages many, and of them ye eat.
22. And on them and on the ship ye are borne.
23. And assuredly We sent Nuh unto his people, and he said: O my people! worship Allah; for you there is no god but he; will ye not then fear Him!
24. Then said the chiefs of those who disbelieved among his people: this is no other than a human being like unto you, he seeketh to make himself superior unto; and if God had willed, He would save sent down angels; we have not heard of this among our fathers ancient.
25. He is only a man in whom is madness wherefore await for him for a season.
26. Nuh said: my Lord! vindicate me, for they belie me
27. Then We revealed unto him, saying: build the ark under Our eyes and Our Revelation; then when Our command cometh and the oven boileth over, make way therein of every pair two, and thy household save him thereof against whom there hath already gone forth the word; and address me not in respect of those who have done wrong; verily they are to be drowned.
28. And when thou art settled, thou and those with thee, in the ark, say thou: praise unto Allah who hath delivered us from the wrong doing people.
29. And say thou, my Lord! cause me to land at a landing blest, and thou art the Best of these who bring to land.
30. Verily in that are signs; verily We have ever been provers.

1-30 | 31-60 | 61-90 | 91-118
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