In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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24. Surah An-Nur (The Light)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.


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1. This is a chapter which We have sent down, and which We have ordained; and therein We have sent down revelations manifest, that haply ye may be admonished.
2. The adulteress and the adulterer: scourge each one of the twain with a hundred stripes. And let not tenderness rake hold of you in regarad to the twain in the law of Allah, if ye have come to believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let witness this torment a band of the believers.
3. The adulterer weddeth not but an adulteress or an associatoress: and the adulteress! --none weddeth her save an adulterer or an associator; and that is forbidden unto the believers.
4. And those who accuse clean wowomen and then bring not four eyewitnesses, Scourge them with eighty stripes and accept not their- testimony for Ever. And these! they are the transgressors
5. Excepting those who thereafter shall repent and make amends. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
6. And as for those who accuse their wives and there are not for them witnesses except themselves, the testimony of one of them shall be four testimonies by Allah: that verily he is of the truth-tellers
7. And the fifth, that the curse of Allah be upon him if he be of the liars.
8. And it will revert the chastisement from her if she testifieth by Allah four times that verily he is of the liars.
9. And the fifth that Allah's wrath be upon her if he is of the truthtellers.
10. And had it not been for the grace of Allah and His mercy unto you and that Allah is Relenting, Wise, ye had been lost.
11. Verily those who brought forward the calumny were a small band among Deem it not an evil for you; nay, it was good for you. Unto every one of them shall be that which he hath earned of the sin, and he among them who undertook the bulk of it---for him shall be a torment mighty.
12. Wherefore, when ye heard it, did not the believing men and believing women imagine best of their own people and say: this is a calumny manifest!
13. Wherefore did they not bring four witnesses thereof? Then when they brought not the witnesses, those! with Allah they are the liars.
14. Had there not been Allah's grace upon you and His mercy in the World and the Hereafter, surely there would have touched you for that whcrein ye had rushed, torment mighty--
15. When ye were publishing it with your tongues and saying that with your mouths of which ye had no knowledge. Ye deemed it light, and it was with Allah mighty!
16. And wherefore, when ye heard it, did ye not say: it is not for us to speak thereof, hallowed be Thou! that is a slander mighty!
17. Allah exhorteth you lest ye may ever revert to the like thereof, if ye are believers indeed.
18. And Allah expoundeth unto you the revelations and Allah is Knowing, wise.
19. Verily those who love that in decency should be propagated regarding those who believe, for them shall be a torment afflictive in the world and the Hereafter. And Allah knoweth, and ye know not.
20. And had there not been Allah's grace upon you and His mercy, and that Allah was Tender and Merciful, ye had Perished.
21. O Ye who believe! follow not the footsteps of the Satan. And whosoever followeth the footsteps of the Satan, then he only urgeth to indecency and abomination. And had there not been the grace of Allah upon you and His mercy, not one of you would ever have been cleansed; but Allah cleanseth whomsoever He Will and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
22. And let not the owners of affluence and amplitude among you swear off from giving unto the kindred and the needy and the emigrants in the way of Allah; let them pardon and overlook. Love ye not that Allah should forgive you And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
23. verily those who accuse chaste. unknowing, - believing women, shall be cursed in the world and the Hereafter; and for them shall be a torment mighty.
24. On the Day whereon their tongues and their hands and their feet will bear witness against them regarding that which they were wont to work.
25. On that Day Allah shall pay them in full their recompense, and they shall know that Allah! He is the True, the Manifest.
26. Vile women are for vile men, and vile men are for vile women, and clean women are for Clean men, and clean men are for clean women; these are quit of that which the people say: for them is forgiveness and a provision honoured.
27. O Ye who believe! enter not houses other than your own until ye have asked leave and invoked peace on the inmates thereof. That is better for you, haply ye may take heed.
28. Then if ye find no one therein, enter not until leave hath been given you. And if it iaid unto you go back, then go back. It is Cleaner for you, and Allah is of that which ye work knower.
29. No fault it is upon you that ye enter houses uninhabited wherein there is some property for you; and Allah knoweth that which you disclose and that which ye hide.
30. Say thou unto the believers that they shall lower their sights and guard their private parts, that is cleaner for them; verlly Allah is Aware of that which they perform.

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