In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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26. Surah Ash Shu'ara" (The Poets)

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181. Give full measure, and be not of those who cause others to lose.
182. And weigh with a balance straight.
183. And defraud not people of their things, and commit not corruption on the earth.
184. So fear Him Who created you and the former generations.
185. They said: thou art but of the bewitched;
186. And thou art but a human being like unto us, and we deem thee to be of the liars.
187. So cause thou a fragment of the heaven to fall upon us, if thou art of the truth-tellers.
188. He said: My Lord is the Best Knower of that which ye work.
189. Thenn they belied him; wherefore there laid hold of -them the torment of day of shadow. Verily it was the torment of a Mighty Day.
190. Verily herein is a sign; but most of them are not believers.
191. And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful.
192. And verily it is a revelation of the Lord of the worlds.
193. The Trusted spirit hath brought it down.
194. Upon thy heart, that thou mayest be of the warners,
195. In plain Arabic speech.
196. And verily it is in the Scriptures of the ancients.
197. Is it not a sign unto them that the learned among the Children of Isra'il know it?
198. And had We revealed it unto any of the ncn-Arabs
199. And he had-read it unto them, even then they would not have been believers therein.
200. In this wise have We made way for it into the hearts of the culprits.
201. They will not believe therein until they behold the torment afflictive.
202. It shall come unto them on a sudden, and they shall not perceive.
203. Then they will say: are we to be respited?
204. Seek haste then they with our torment?
205. Beholdest thou? - if We let them enjoy for years.
206. And then there cometh unto them that which they had been promised.
207. What shall that which they enjoyed avail them?
208. And We destroyed not a city but it had its warners.
209. By way of admonition, and We have never been oppressors.
210. And the satans have not brought it down.

1-30 | 31-60 | 61-90 | 91-120 | 121-150 | 151-180 | 181-210 | 211-227
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