In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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26. Surah Ash Shu'ara" (The Poets)

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91. And the Fierce Fire shall be made apparent unto the seduced ones.
92. And it shall be said unto them where is that which ye were wont to worship?
93. Beside Allah? Can they succour you or succour themselves?
94. Then they shall be hurled therein, they and the seduced ones.
95. And the hosts of Iblis together.
96. And they, While contending therein, shall say:
97. By Allah, we have indeed been in an error manifest.
98. When we equalled you with the Lord of the worlds.
99. And none led us astray except the Culprits.
100. So none we have as intercessors.
101. Nor any loving friend.
102. Were there for us a return, we would be of the believers.
103. Verily herein is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
104. And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful.
105. And Nuh's people belied the sent ones.
106. When their brother  Nuh said Unto them: fear ye not?
107. Verily I am unto you an apostle trusted.
108. So fear Allah and obey me.
109. And I ask of you no hire therefor; my hire is but with the Lord of the worlds.
110. So fear Allah and obey me.
111. They said: shall We believe in thee when the meanest follow thee?
112. He said: I have no knowledge of that which they have been Working.
113. Their reckoning is upon my Lord, if ye but knew.
114. And I am not to drive away the believers.
115. I am naught but a warner manifest.
116. They said: if thou desistest not, thou shalt surely be of those stoned.
117. He said: my Lord! verily my people have belied me.
118. So decide Thou between me and them with a decision, and deliver me and those who are with me of the believers.
119. Wherefore We delivered him and those with him in the laden ark.
120. Then We drowned the rest thereafter.

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