In the Name of Allah (God) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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36. Surah Ya Sin (Ya Sin)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.


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1. Ya-Sin.
2. By the Qur'an full of wisdom.
3. Verily thou art of the sent ones,
4. upon the straight path.
5. This is a revelation of the Mighty, the Merciful.
6. That thou mayest warn a people whose fathers were not warned; so they are negligent.
7. Assuredly the word hath been justified against most of them, wherefore they shall not believe.
8. Verily We have placed on their necks shackles which are up to the chins; so that their heads are forced up.
9. And We have placed before them a barrier and behind them a barrier, so We have covered them, so that they see not.
10. And it is alike Unto them, whather thou warnest them or warnest them not; they shall not believe.
11. Thou canst warn only him who followeth the admonition and feareth the Compassionate, unseen. So bear thou Unto him the glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous hire.
12. Verily We! We shall guicken the dead. And We write down that which they send before and their footsteps. And everything We have counted up in a Book luminous.
13. And propound thou Unto them the similitude of the inhabitants of a town, When there came thereto the sent ones
14. What time We sent Unto them two, then they belied the twain, wherefore We strengthened them with a third, and they said: verily we are Unto you the sent ones.
15. They said: ye are but human beings like ourselves; the Compassionate hath not sent down aught; ye are only lying.
16. They said: our Lord knoweth that we are surely Unto you the sent ones.
17. And on us is naught but manifest preaching.
18. They said: verily we augur ill of you ; if ye desist not, we shall surely stone you, and there will befall you from us a torment afflictive.
19. They said: your evil augury be with you. Call ye it an ill-luck because ye are admonished! Aye! ye are a people extravagant.
20. And there came from the farthest part of the town a man running. He said; O my people! follow the sent ones.
21. Follow those who ask not of you any hire, and who are rightly guided.
22. And what aileth me that I should not worship Him who hath created me, and Unto whom ye shall be returned.
23. Shall I take beside Him gods when, if the Compassionate should intend me any harm, their intercession will avail me not at all, nor would they save me?
24. Verily then I should be in error manifest.
25. Verily I believe now in your Lord; so hearken Unto me."
26. It was said: enter thou the Garden. He said: would that my people knew.
27. That my Lord hath forgiven me, and hath made me of the honoured ones.
28. And We sent not against his people after him a host from heaven, nor have We been sending down any such.
29. It was but one shout, and lo! they were extinct.
30. Ah the misery of the bondmen! there cometh not: Unto them an apostle but him they have been mocking.

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